Good News from the Magic Kingdom

nzSE0lQAbout two weeks ago I posted about Disney’s Avenger shirt line, one that perpetuates male privilege by reducing the relationship between the genders to one where men are heroes and women need heroes. I said:

So, listen up Princess. Sometimes Prince Charming will indeed come save you, but sometimes he’ll need you to save him as well. And as that time comes:

Be a heroine.

So how about an update?

According to this article from the folks at

As a result of the pressure, today the “I Need a Hero” is no longer available on the Disney Store website.

Though they continue to sell the “Be a Hero” t-shirt only for boys (and a “I Only Kiss Heroes” t-shirt just for women) the removal of one t-shirt is significant in that it shows our voices are being heard. And that when we come together to talk back to sexist media we have tremendous power to influence change.

Keep the pressure on the Disney Store to stop using limiting gender stereotypes, and to begin creating t-shirts which empower ALL of us to be heroes.

Is it a small victory? Of course. But it’s a victory nonetheless.

So let’s celebrate a bit more empowerment for women and young girls.

Let’s celebrate a little bit healthier perspective for both girls and boys.

Lastly, let’s celebrate more baby steps that are leading in the right direction.

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