About Me

In no particular order, I’m all about:

Being a dad to amazing kids,
Coaching youth soccer,
Developing campus ministers with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA,
Training for marathons,
Going on date nights with Amy whenever possible,
Making people laugh,
Listening to good podcasts,
Graduating with my doctorate,
Walking places as often as I can,
Eating quality burritos,
Writing as often as possible,
Promoting gender equality in the church,
…and a whole lot of laundry, cleaning and yardwork.

Here’s a shot of our family:

Dixons Christmas 2013

4 responses to “About Me”

  1. mrzukes@yahoo.com says :

    There is nothing here about improving your golf game…

  2. rdixon1365 says :

    It needs no improvement Jim!

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