“Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.”

2012.12.28_Barry_Sherbeck_0849The more I talk about power and privilege, the more I’m drawn to Luke 5:1-11. First, it’s a beautiful passage. Second, for me it serves as the most compelling grid in Scripture for how to experience a life spent following Jesus.

Want to make Luke 5 even more beautiful? Feast your eyes on this dramatic piece from Urbana 2012:

The Deep on Vimeo

Pretty awesome, yes?

Jesus, thank you that you fish for us. In response, help us to be like Simon. Help us to embrace you as our leader and Lord. In particular, help us to follow you in the area of our power and privilege. Jesus, we want to put what we have to work in order to bless those around us. Show us how to do this in our lives! Finally, thank you for the call to fish for others, and for how that gives our lives such joy-filled meaning and purpose. Amen.

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