Changing Tide

mg1Wq0KAs a campus minister with InterVarsity, I’m always curious about shifting trends in higher education. And when it’s about gender trends, even better. So this article caught my eye this morning.

It turns out that women are beginning to significantly outnumber men on university campuses around the world.

From the piece:

Girls’ educational dominance persists after school. Until a few decades ago men were in a clear majority at university almost everywhere (see chart below), particularly in advanced courses and in science and engineering. But as higher education has boomed worldwide, women’s enrolment has increased almost twice as fast as men’s. In the OECD (a French think tank) women now make up 56% of students enrolled, up from 46% in 1985. By 2025 that may rise to 58%.

Here’s what it looks like visually:


Among other things, this changing reality underscores the importance of conversations about power, partnership and reconciliation on campus.

It’s also points to a looming crisis. We’re going to need more men on campus! This quote from the article struck me: “In just a couple of generations, one gender gap has closed, only for another to open up.”

And, of course, it will be fascinating to see what happens in the broader culture as more and more women graduate and begin to seek vocational avenues where they can put into practice what they learned on campus.

One response to “Changing Tide”

  1. Noemi says :

    I wonder what the breakdown of degrees the women are getting is, and if it’s significantly higher in certain fields over others…because that would add another gap.

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