A Male Privilege Prayer

mmUMQT0I had a great time yesterday speaking to the men of Fresno Pacific University at chapel. It was fun to field test my male privilege material, and while there are things I would do differently next time, I think it was a good first outing. I’m praying that my words hit home with the students.

In round 2, tomorrow morning I’ll be inviting the men to submit their privilege to Jesus, so last night I cooked up a simple prayer that they can pray in order to help that happen. Perhaps for some it will become a daily litany that they offer each morning.

I know I want it to for me.

Here it is:

“Jesus, thank you for being my Lord. All that I have and all that I am belongs to you. If there is anything in my life that is not under your leadership, reveal that to me so that I can give it to you. Thank you that life is better and more joyful when you are in control.

Help me to see more clearly the privilege that culture gives me as a man. And, as I see it, strengthen me to submit it to your leadership alongside everything else. Jesus, I commit to use my privilege to expand your Kingdom and to bless others. Show me the way. Amen.”

One response to “A Male Privilege Prayer”

  1. the Farmy says :

    Nicely said! I’ll be adding it.

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