What it Says

oGfRR2uFirst, if you are one of the more than 10,000 people that read my Junia Project post the other day, welcome! Thanks for reading that post, and thanks for checking out Challenging Tertullian. Feel free to grab some coffee and stay for awhile, and, to get the big idea, you can find this blog’s first post here.

For this blogger, last week was equal parts fun and overwhelming. Thousands of page views, who knows how many retweets, Facebook shares, blog comments…at one point, I canceled something I had planned in order to keep up with social media.

Add it all up, and one thing is clear:

The message of the post, that gender-based jokes from the pulpit are unhelpful, struck a chord.

Or perhaps we can go a step further? Maybe it says something deeper, that folks long for pastors and preachers who are careful with their words? That gender equality is something worth fighting for? Or maybe the response indicates that people are hungry for honest and real conversations about gender in the church.

Honestly, I hope it says each of these things.

One of my favorite things about last week’s experience was interacting with people who found the post to be life-giving and affirming. One comment in particular really grabbed me, in all of its heart-breaking vulnerability. In good part, the following words capture one main reason I’m doing what I’m doing on Challenging Tertullian and elsewhere:

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 7.57.36 PM


May the Junia Project post, and more like it, catalyze a deeper conversation about gender in the church.

4 responses to “What it Says”

  1. Gail says :

    Rob, your post ended up with about 14,000 views this first week. I think that speaks to a disconnect between church leaders and church “goers”. Tomorrow we are running a follow-up related post about the amazing comments that came in – great minds think alike! Thanks again for writing for The Junia Project! Looking forward to partnering more in 2015. Blessings! Gail

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