Christmas Shopping…With a Purpose!

photoJust a quick post today to say that as you’re purchasing Christmas gifts for your friends and family, consider investing your money in gifts that can help reverse the plight of women around the world.

For starters, check out this post on the Junia Project. They link to 6 different sites where you not only find some cool gifts, you can empower women around the world at the same time.

Another option could be to shop on the Haitian Bead Project site here. The HBP is a dynamic ministry that empowers women in rural Haiti to create beautiful jewelry (and more) as a way to, among other things, provide income, nurture creativity and affirm the basic human dignity of these amazing women.

Here’s how the HBP works:

Our products feature handmade beads created from “upcycled” materials like cardboard and coconut shells.  Each piece of jewelry is unique. No two necklaces or bracelets or even beads will ever be the same because of the creative process for making this jewelry.

Our artisans take various types of recycled thin cardboard like cereal boxes and cut these into triangular strips using a paper cutter. The artisan then rolls the strips of cardboard on bamboo skewers to form the shape of the bead. The bead is coated with glue to help secure the layers of cardboard. Next the artisan will varnish the bead to seal and protect the bead, making it waterproof and giving it a shine. The skewers of beads are then set in the sun to dry. After the beads are dried, the artisan goes to work making jewelry pieces. She may mix seed beads, glass beads or other unique beads with her own handcrafted beads to create unique bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The goal is to create quality, beautiful pieces that customers can wear or use to make a fashion statement. Every purchase has a purpose, honoring the artisan and the individual who wears it.

Personally, I’ll add that the HBP Christmas ornaments are absolutely stunning. In fact, give it a week and you can ask my leadership team what they think…

This Christmas, enjoy some justice-minded, Tertullian-free shopping!

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