Yesterday, I had a fruitful morning working on scaffolding, or outlining, my literature review, due in first draft form on November 14th. Basically, I worked on forming my main headings and then slotting my 85 sources where I think they belong. The goal is to provide a context for the sources to engage one another.

And one thing that struck me this morning is just how multi- (or inter-) disciplinary my field of missiology really is.

For instance, the first section of my lit review is theological, as I trace the theme of inter-gender partnerships in mission through the Scriptures. Then, my second section feels more sociological, as I’m looking for qualities and characteristics (“Q and Ch”) that mark flourishing partnerships. Then, my third section is essentially historical, as I’m tracing InterVarsity’s organizational journey with gender.

On one hand, I love the diversity of this process. It feels great to examine my problem through multiple lenses. On the other hand, my head is spinning, and I am finding that I need to refocus as I move from one section to the next.

Anyhow, here’s a pic of the outlines thus far. Thanks for cheering me on with this!


2 responses to “Scaffolding”

  1. Kathy McCready says :

    Go Rob! May you find much joy and clarity in your work today!

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