Meet The Beautiful Kingdom Warriors!

n14726UIn my now two years posting at Challenging Tertullian, I have had the joy of connecting with lots of folks around the internet. Many are like minded, others not so much, all have been fun to interact with. As we engage with these issues, it’s like we’re all on a roller coaster, and of course roller coasters are better together.

Case in point. Monday’s post was re-blogged by the two women behind The Beautiful Kingdom Warriors, a blog aiming “to empower Christian women and girls to find our callings as co-warriors with our brothers in God’s Kingdom.”

Sounds awesome to me!

I’m grateful to TBKW for the repost, and I encourage you to check TBKW out on their site. In particular, I noticed two significant resource pages. If you’re interested in the things covered on Challenging Tertullian, TBKW and elsewhere, I highly recommend them!

There is a video resource page, with links to clips on topics ranging from theology to marriage to the media’s objectification of women here.

And then there is an extensive link page, with articles ranging from Biblical interpretation, God and gender and women in the Bible here.

Becky and Ruth, and all the readers over at The Beautiful Kingdom Warriors, I’m glad to be on the roller coaster alongside you!

2 responses to “Meet The Beautiful Kingdom Warriors!”

  1. Ruth Perry says :

    THANK YOU for the shout out! 🙂 I haven’t had a chance to update our resource page with links to your blog yet. That’s definitely coming! Really enjoy your writing and appreciate all you do for the Kingdom. 🙂

  2. rdixon1365 says :

    You got it Ruth! Blessings to you and the TBKW crew!

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