If Only…

Awhile back, before I got subsumed into this powerful DMiss book eddy, I read Jimmy Carter’s latest book, entitled A Call to Action. It’s a book about the too-often-violent nexus of religion, power and the plight of women in the world. I’ve previously featured quotes from Carter here, here and, most recently, here.

As a follow-up to last Thursday’s post, I thought I would share another compelling and insightful quote:

“Violence against women remains one of the greatest ills of our time. It is shameful that for many women and girls walking in the streets, relaxing in parks, going to work, or even staying at home can become a brutal experience. When women and girls feel unsafe, half of humanity is unsafe. Violence against women and girls is perpetuated by centuries of male dominance and gender-based discrimination. But the roles that have traditionally been assigned to men and women in society are a human construct–there is nothing divine about them. Religious leaders have a responsibility to address these historic injustices. Respect for human dignity should not be dependent on whether one is a male or a female.”

In the spirit of Carter’s words, I want to share the following video. Thanks to a friend for sending it my way. May it be so that, increasingly, the religious among us take the lead in protecting, honoring and empowering women around the world.

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