This Stuff Matters (re-post)

Note: As you read this, I’m in Costa Rica leading a team of college students on a 2 week service project. So enjoy this flashback post; it’s the #2 most shared post of all time on Challenging Tertullian. 

mn96p3wThis week, Tertullian and I are taking our show on the road. Together with a good friend and co-worker, I’m teaching a week long seminar on the topic of “Women in the Bible.” 14 college students will be taking the plunge with us.

So this week we’ll be opening the Scriptures, watching some videos and reading some articles. Along the way we’ll have some intense conversations I’m sure. All with the goal of helping these students think through what the Bible has to say about women in general, and the relationship between men and women in particular.

Last night we started by having a time to articulate our questions. And after listening to their questions, let there be no doubt:

This stuff matters.

Here’s the list of the questions that our students are bringing into the seminar this week:

Is there a hierarchy of gender in God’s eyes?

Why are men represented more than women in the Bible?

What exactly are the roles that each gender has in the church, in ministry and in the home?

Why is there God the Father only, if both men and women are made in God’s image?

How do men and women work together peacefully?

What are some common problems between men and women in ministry?

How do we figure out what is from God and what is influenced by culture?

Why don’t churches discuss this topic?

Simple, huh? Now to seek some answers! If you’re the praying type, we’d appreciate them! And I’ll give an update in the Thursday post.

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