First of all, for those of you new to Challenging Tertullian, a hearty welcome! Thanks for stopping by. My aim is to post every Monday and Thursday morning. To get more of a sense of what you can expect, check out the “About this Blog” page here. Enjoy!

So, there I was, casually reading the latest Junia Project post last Friday. At first glance, it looked interesting:

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 12.32.10 PM

Scrolling down, I was pretty sure I could guess which blogs would make the list. For sure Rachel Held Evans. And probably Sarah Bessey. And, most likely, the good folks over at CBE.

But imagine my surprise when the list also included:


Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 12.34.24 PM

Wow. What an honor.

Reflecting a bit over the weekend, a couple of thoughts:

First, I’m reminded that I am a small part of something a lot bigger. Specifically, I’m a part of a community of Jesus followers who are trying to figure out how to do church in a gender-equal kind of way. Thanks for coming along with me as I wrestle with what that could/should look like.

Second, I certainly experienced a wide range of emotions. From elation (my phone ran out of power midday due to all the email, Facebook and blog checking), to curiosity (really? me?), to angst (holy cow, the posts better be good now!) to a whole lot of gratitude.

Third, I’m reminded of the power of advocacy. This blog got a lot of traffic on Friday, and it received a lot of new followers. In fact, the Smurfette post, one that I had forgotten, had more eyes on it than ever before! All of this because of the advocacy of Gail Wallace and the folks at The Junia Project. Again, I offer my sincere thanks.

Lastly, let me try to return the favor. If you’re a regular Challenging Tertullian reader who has not yet visited The Junia Project, please remedy that soon. And if you’re not sure where to start, and if you’re unclear on the origin of the name, go here.

Because Junia, someone who for too long has been “tertullianed” in the very printing of the Holy Scriptures, deserves your attention.

Thanks again.

5 responses to “Honored”

  1. Dyfed Wyn Roberts says :

    This is how I found you!

  2. Janelle Weibelzahl says :

    That’s cool to be recognized, congrats! Keep up the goodness! 🙂

  3. rdixon1365 says :

    Thanks Dyfed and Janelle! I appreciate you stopping by!

  4. gailwallace55 says :

    Rob, it was our pleasure to introduce your blog to our readers. When you’re out our way for school we should have a gathering of the Fuller contingent – there are several JP allies there. And if you ever want to guest post, just let us know 🙂 Gail, Kate, and Katie from The Junia Project

  5. rdixon1365 says :

    Thanks Gail. I’ll check in next time I’m down with space to meet up. And I’d love to guest post; I’ll email you later this summer.

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