Education, Employment, Health Care…and Tertullian

Resources for Empowerment in Women

2 responses to “Education, Employment, Health Care…and Tertullian”

  1. Noemi Vega says :

    Rob this is great! The only question I have is in the employment count. I wonder how many women are not “employed” but still find their lives fulfilled by the work they do around the house, with their family, or with their community. I appreciate and value the data, but am also weary to impose U.S. cultural values on other countries and societies. I guess I am wondering how we can be culturally sensitive in advocating for women in different countries. What does empowerment look like for the mother who enjoys spending time at home, unemployed, and finds fulfillment in that?

    • rdixon1365 says :

      Great observation Noemi! I’m sure many stay-at-home women are very fulfilled and empowered. I think for me the issue is choice. I think one feature of a gender equal culture would be where both women and men can choose how they want to express themselves vocationally.

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