“Life as a female is about more than finding the perfect outfit.”

mhGtJC8Lest anyone think that I’m on this mission solo, today I want to share a bit of my wife Amy’s perspective on what we’re doing with regard to gender bias and raising our kids, particularly our three girls.

Amy is a writer. And a good one. Don’t believe me? Buy this and you’ll see!


She’s also a blogger. And she writes a book review every month for the good folks at Kidville.

This month, the theme was “A Book for Your Creative Thinker,” and Amy profiled the book Rosie Revere, Engineer. The whole post is a worthy read, but here’s the part about parenting and gender:

“How to use this book with your kids: Having three girls means that I am always looking for books that can counteract the Disney Channel culture they love so much. Life as a female is about more than finding the perfect outfit. In this book, we see a girl who is passionate about building, constructing, inventing…things that our culture has traditionally classified as male attributes. So I like being able to point to Rosie as someone who is pursuing a dream that is outside of gender boxes. There are also a ton of historical references in this book, being that Rosie is an obvious nod to Rosie the Riveter. So if you are feeling especially ambitious, you can talk with your kids about the role of women in World War II, as well as women who played a key part in the evolution of the airplane and flight.”

Good, right?

I love challenging Tertullian together!

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