More Tertullianized Advertising

mfyksI8Sometimes, you write a post that riles people up.

Monday’s post on Carl’s Jr. and their sexist advertising was one of those posts. Many replied on Facebook affirming that they too are (or have been) avoiding Carl’s Jr. Others sent me similar advertising tales of woe. So as a follow-up, I want to share two reader-generated ad fiascos.

First, there’s this company, Bottom’s Up Espresso, your Starbucks alternative‚Ķwith a side helping of hypersexualized flesh and a liberal sprinkling of in-your-face sexual innuendo. This one hits close to home, as there are stores just two hours away from me.

Next, I came across this set of vintage ads. In case you’re tempted to think that male privilege themed advertising is a recent phenomenon, check these out and let your stomach turn. Here are a couple of examples:



And, just for continuity’s sake, note the star on this one:


Friends, we have a problem, and we’ve had a problem for awhile. Lord have mercy.

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