In Good Company?

Evidently, this whole challenging Tertullian thing is becoming all the rage. Thanks to our friend (and family photographer) Tina for sending me this picture of actor Ryan Gosling:


Good to know that plundering male privilege is just one more thing that Ryan and I have in common…

For more shots of the pro-women Ryan Gosling, go to the tumblr page here. Or, the above picture comes from the book version here.

2 responses to “In Good Company?”

  1. Caroline Reid says :

    “steamy pictures”? Feminist…oh really? I haven’t seen the pictures but I did dig around on the internet a bit. Here are two links I checked.

    Your post seems to be saying that you are glad to know RG is also a feminist, or are you saying that challenging male privilege is getting fashionable, or….
    Sorry, I didn’t get it! 😦

  2. rdixon1365 says :

    Caroline, it’s tongue and cheek. Ryan Gosling is an internet meme and he’s famous for these “Hey Girl” images. I thought this one about male privilege was funny.

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