A Father’s Day Prayer

Me and Kids at FTSJesus, yesterday was Father’s Day.

And so I want to say that I love being a dad. Thanks for that blessing and privilege. Our four kids are treasures for Amy and I. We are profoundly grateful that you would entrust them to us to guide, grow and shape.

We’re grateful for that, and yet in the same breath, we exclaim “help!” Because for us parenting is difficult. It’s a joy, but it’s difficult. No doubt,  we rely on you to show us the way as parents.

In particular, help us to raise kids who grow up to know you and follow you. Jesus, that ‘s our greatest plea as parents! That our kids would love you deeply with their lives, and live the abundant life that you both promise and deliver.

And, as that happens, help us to raise these kids to honor you in how they steward their power and giftings.

For Josh, I pray that he would grow to understand the power that culture gives him because he’s a man. Then help him to steward that power in a way that blesses those around him, particularly the women in his life. Make our son an advocate and an empowerer.

And for our girls, I pray that they would deeply know that they are loved by you, that they are gifted by you and that they are called to use those gifts to expand your Kingdom on earth. Encourage them in these things, especially as they bump into the ceiling of male privilege.

For all four, surround them with a community that blesses and affirms who they are and how they are wired. We’ll do our best to steer them in these ways, but Jesus, we need your help.

May all of this be so, for the sake of glory. Amen.

The above picture is from my seminary graduation last Saturday. Want to get to know the village that God put around me during my degree program? Here.

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