Taking My Cue from Jesus

mfXl3AKI don’t know about you, but Jesus indicts me. As in, he challenges me to be more than I am. He raises the bar. I mean, I get him figured out only to learn there’s so much more.

Over the last 3 weeks, I’ve been thinking about Jesus and how he treated women in his day. Jesus was/is a gamechanger. He really saw women, he trusted them, he taught them as disciples, he respected them, he valued their stories and he mourned with them.

And here’s the kicker…he did it all publicly.

What I mean is that there was a public dimension to each of the stories. It’s not like Jesus was going around empowering women behind locked doors; he was engaging with women on the streets, in house meetings and surrounded by crowds.

This blog has been up and running for about 5 months now. And of course it’s public. In fact, I like to think that in some way, writing this content in this type of setting is me following Jesus. To go one step further, it’s me publicly surrendering privilege in pursuit of Jesus.

So if you’ll indulge me today, I want to offer a couple of reflections on what it’s felt like to be challenging Tertullian:

First, it’s been wildly encouraging. Because the vast majority of comments, on the blog, on facebook, in my inbox and in person have gone something like this: “thank you so much for taking these issues on and for encouraging me to wrestle with them.” When it’s Wednesday night and I’m not sure I’ll make my Thursday morning deadline, these comments push me onward.

Next, it’s been personally enriching. If I’m honest, there’s a sense in which if no one else ever read this, it would still be worth the effort. Because the process of writing gives me life. And the process of writing about male privilege teaches me. I’m being shaped as I write. And, believe me, I’ve got blog fodder for years to come. So get ready Mr. Tertullian.

Finally, it’s been horribly intimidating. After all, the more I write the less I feel like I know. This is learn by doing stuff for sure. In addition, public equals vulnerable for me and so putting my thoughts out there has been a sobering experience. I’m someone who is allergic to self promotion, so the trick is to remember that it’s the ideas that are being promoted. It’s the cause. Ultimately, it’s Jesus.

At any rate, let me offer a hearty “thank you” for journeying with me in this process. I’m grateful.

3 responses to “Taking My Cue from Jesus”

  1. Caroline Reid says :

    Rob, well said! Blogging is a form of public confession, perhaps that’s why it’s intimidating. Keep going, for Jesus is honored.

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