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Jesus the Gamechanger

mWkegF8Several weeks ago, I was troubled–no, that’s not strong enough–horrified, to read this story on the web. Let me sum it up for you:

Dentist in Iowa, a man, fires his long-time hygienist, a woman. Why? Not because she was bad with tartar. Not because of her gruff manner with patients. Not because she was chronically late. Why?

Because he was attracted to her. Because he found her “irresistible.”

It’s true. He fired her because he was worried that to continue working with her would lead him astray. That’s horrific, right? Well, it gets worse, for two reasons.

First, because following her lawsuit, the State Supreme Court, made up of–you guessed it–7 males, sided with the dentist. Yes, at least in Iowa, it is legal to fire someone because you have romantic feelings for them, because you find them to be “irresistible.”

But here’s the second reason why it gets worse, and honestly this is the one that gives me the biggest headache. Because, before he decided to fire the woman, the dentist visited his pastor for counsel. And the pastor counseled him to fire the woman. Not only that, the pastor was present when the dentist did the firing.

Don’t get me wrong, fleeing temptation can be right. Caring for your marriage is always right.

But not at the expense of another person. And not without a careful examination of what’s happening in your own soul. What ever happened to self control? Or accountability? Or confession? Or confronting your brokenness head on, in the context of a loving Christian community?

Do people still wear those “WWJD?” bands these days? Because I think it’s a good question to ask in this case. More to the point, I want to know, “Would Jesus handle this like that pastor did?”

Friends, I submit to you that the answer is an emphatic no. Why? Because Jesus is unafraid to call someone out on their personal brokenness. Because Jesus has a knack for changing hearts not situations. Because, and this is big, Jesus cares for and defends the powerless, the defenseless and those who’ve been wronged. And, from all that we know, this woman fits that bill.

So, let’s talk about Jesus. For like the next 4-5 posts or so. OK with you?

Because in thinking about what it looks like for men to respond to the reality of male privilege (my framework of “admit, submit and commit”), we must take our cue from Jesus. I’ve already shared some thoughts about how Jesus viewed power. Also, I’ve talked about Jesus as Lord here and here. Now, for the next couple of weeks, I want to make some observations about how Jesus interacted with women in his day.

So, together, let’s meet this Jesus:

Truth teller. Sin confronter. Healer. Protector of the weak. Defender of the “irresistible.”

Game changer.

What about you? What “Jesus and women passages” stand out to you?